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Management of clinical trials working group

Ensuring the quality of science-driven trials

The working group for the management of clinical trials was set up in 2004 in order to develop joint solutions within the TMF community to the new and complex requirements placed on science-driven clinical trials as a result of the 12th amendment to the German Pharmaceutical Products Act (AMG) and to intensify the exchange between research networks on this issue.

The working group was able to initiate numerous projects, some of which have already been successfully concluded. For example, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and checklists are available and training for communicators on carrying out Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs) in accordance with the 12th amendment to the AMG has not only taken place in several German cities but has also been very well received.

(Letzte Aktualisierung: 07.09.2023)




PD Dr. med. Sebastian Klammt

KKS-Netzwerk e.V.

Phone: +4930 39 40 49 95 | E-Mail






Vice Spokesperson







Contact at the TMF Office

Dr. Johannes Drepper

Phone: +4930 22 00 24 740 | E-Mail

Management of clinical trials working group 2012

September 24, 2012 in Frankfurt am Main

L.t.r.: Dr. Anke Strenge-Hesse (KKS-Netzwerk), Sebastian C. Semler (TMF ), Dr. Oana Brosteanu (ZKS Leipzig), Katja Krockenberger (ZKS Lübeck), Stephanie Wolff (KKS-Netzwerk), Kristina Ihrig (Kompetenznetz akute und chronische Leukämien), Mahsa Lee (Universitätsmedizin Göttingen), Elmar Joisten (ClinAssess GmbH), Dr. Ursula Paulus (ZKS Köln), Horst Mochnatzki (GBG Forschungs-GmbH), Insa Bruns (KKS Netzwerk), Dr. Steffen Luntz (KKS Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. Christian Ohmann (KKS Düsseldorf), Dr. Xina Grählert (KKS Dresden), Dr. Jürgen Grebe (ZKS Münster), Dr. Ulrich Gauger (TMF), Carmen Schade-Brittinger (EDNET), Ingrid Mutzbauer (Studienzentrum Chirurgie Regensburg).


MCT working group 2009



September 16, 2009 in Berlin

L.t.r.: K. Ihrig (KN Leukämien), Dr. S. Müller (DKFZ), Dr. A. Bauer (CenTrial GmbH) P. Pitters (KN Schizophrenie), Dr. O. Brosteanu (ZKS Leipzig), Dr. J. Grebe (ZKS Münster), Dr. X. Grählert (KKS Dresden), Dr. S. Luntz (KKS Heidelberg), A. Dangl (Universitätsmedizin Göttingen) Dr. T. Ganslandt (EB-Netz), H. Mochnatzki (GBG Forschungs GmbH) Dr. U. Paulus (ZKS Köln), C. Schade-Brittinger (EDNET), S. Reinecker (KKS Marburg), S. C. Semler, M. Freudigmann (TMF).

MCT working group 2006



September 5, 2006 in Berlin

MCT working group 2005



September 27, 2005 in Berlin

MCT working group 2004



The working group on September 20, 2004 in Berlin

L.t.r.: Dr. M. Seibert-Grafe (KKS Heidelberg), Dr. A. Bauer (KKS Tübingen), I. Bruns (KKS-AG), Dr. C. Rufenach (KN Rheuma), C. Schade-Brittinger (KKS Marburg), Dr. J. Zielasek (KN Schizophrenie), Dr. A. Strenge-Hesse (KN Lymphome), Dr. O. Brosteanu (KKS Leipzig), Dr. H. Hoyer (KKS Halle), Dr. G. Dreier (KKS Freiburg), Dr. U. Creutzig (KN POH), S. C. Semler (TMF), S. Winter (KN Depression), Dr. R. Bussar-Maatz (KKS Charité), J. Schiffner Rohe (KKS Charité), Dr. O. Maywald (KN Leukämien), Dr. X. Grählert (KKS Dresden), T. Bratke (KKS Köln), Dr. G. Benninger-Döring (KKS Münster), Dr. K. Richter (KN CAPNETZ), Dr. R. Herold (KN POH), A. Deimling (KKS Düsseldorf).
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