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Meeting of Members


The Meeting of Members comprises one representative from each of the TMF research networks. In accordance with the Articles of Association, it convenes once a year.  

Its responsibilities particularly include the following:

  1. Commenting on the recommendations from the Board of Directors regarding the strategy employed by the association to achieve the goals as defined by the Articles of Association, and the creation of a top-level catalog of measures
  2. Approval of the annual economic plan
  3. Acceptance und approval of the annual report
  4. Discharge of the Board of Directors on the basis of the Board of Directors annual report  
  5. Election of members of the Board of Directors
  6. Determination of membership fees and passing resolutions to approve the subscription regulations
  7. Election of members of the Advisory Board and further members of the Council of Funding Organizations
  8. Resolutions on drafts proposed by the Board of Directors and Advisory Board
  9. Resolution on amendments to the Articles of Association and disbandment of the association



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