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Core Functions of the TMF


Scientific Delegate Committee

Our specialist work focuses on interdisciplinary dialog in the scientific delegate committees, especially the working groups and forums, of the TMF. The experts involved in networked medical research, who come from a very wide range of disciplines, meet here regularly and exchange experiences. They analyze current problem areas of medical research from various angles, identify the need for solutions on a general basis, consult on network projects, and jointly develop official comments concerning current issues.



As a result of joint discourse in the committees it is possible to initiate scientific methodology projects and fund them with the TMF's own resources, for example in order to develop expert opinions, checklists, tools, or services. For relatively large projects, a joint search is conducted to identify potential funding organizations and applications are filed for third-party funded projects, which can then be executed in larger consortiums. Within the scope of such projects, solutions and recommendations are developed and coordinated for (networked) medical research.


Products and services

The joint work generates products and services: tools and aids such as (legal) expert opinions, generic concepts, IT applications, training, and consultation services. We make these solutions freely available to all researchers.


Official comments, joint representation of interests

The broad-based expertise and the large number of university and non-university research institutes that are represented on the committees of the TMF make it possible to develop broadly coordinated official comments on a sound basis. Jointly, scientists at their various locations and with their various projects thus have an opportunity to contribute their views to current political debate and processes concerning research.


Operation of infrastructures

A key aspect of our work is the development and operation of infrastructures for medical research. Researchers thus have important resources available on a permanent basis, like the German Biobank Registry, for example, or the National Research Platform for Zoonoses. In this way we are also strengthening the position of Germany as a science location faced with European and international competition.



Every year we hold numerous events, in addition to the meetings of the TMF committees: several annual congresses, scientific symposiums and workshops, plus a number of further training events. On our premises we have our own event area that can also be used by TMF members and partners.

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