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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the Board of Directors on strategic issues. It principally aims to help intensify the TMF's links to other areas of the healthcare system and technology sponsoring.

Prof. Dr. D. Michael Albrecht 

Verband der Universitätsklinika Deutschlands  (German Association of Academic Medical Centers) | Chairman of the Executive Board



Prof. Dr. Gerd Antes 

Cochrane Germany | Director




Prof. Dr. Franz-Joseph Bartmann

Bundesärztekammer (German Medical Association) | Chief Executive Telematics/ Chairman LÄK Schleswig-Holstein



Alexander Beyer 

Gematik | Executive Director



Erik Bodendieck



Prof. Dr. Jörg Hasford

Arbeitskreis medizinischer Ethikkommissionen (Association of Medical Ethics-Committees in Germany) | Chief Executive




Dr. Dietrich Kaiser 

DIMDI | Director



Dr. Monika Klinkhammer-Schalke

DNVF | Chairman of the Executive Board


Prof. Dr. Michael Krawczak

TMF Board of Directors | Chairman


Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreienberg 

AWMF | President



Prof. Dr. Heyo Kroemer

Medizinischer Fakultätentag (Association of German Medical Faculties) | President



Dr. Michael Meyer 

BDI, Ausschuss Digitale Gesundheitswirtschaft | Vertreter




Prof. Dr. Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

ZB MED | Director


Prof. Dr. Otto Rienhoff 




Prof. Regina T. Riphahn, Ph.D.

Rat für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten (German Data Forum) | Chief Executive



Prof. Dr. Michael Roden

Wissenschaftsrat, Ausschuss Medizin (Science Council, Medical Committee) | Chairman

Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler

Robert-Koch-Institut | President

Prof. Dr. Alfred Winter

GMDS | 1. Vice-President
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