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How to register

How to register a biobank

Provisional & Simplified Registration for the German Biobank-Registry (as of August 2010).

This web-based catalogue of contacts and addresses for medically relevant human biobanks in Germany is currently being reconstructed by the TMF to represent the “German Biobank Registry “, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

Since the NEW process of registration will be less extensive - as compared to previous procedures (please, see below), we would like to offer you a simple and easy enrolment during the reconstruction period. This will save extra time and avoid redundancy. Instead of the questionnaires, please, use the table – entitled – “Easy registration”, which can be downloaded as .xls or .csv file. Basically, the table requests the name and the acronym of the biobank, as well as information how to contact the responsible biobank operator. To give background information on the science behind your biobank, you can provide a link to your research institute or an appropriate research network. 

As soon as the German Biobank Registry goes “online”, you will be contacted again to finalize your registration. 

After downloading the appropriate file, please, mail the completed table to


Previous registration by questionnaires (until July 2010)

You can download all the necessary questionnaires from this page. Please send the completed forms as MS-Word files to The biobank will be included in the registry or an existing record will be updated.

Please note that the Core Questionnaire must be filled out. The Core Questionnaire contains all questions for one collection of samples. If you have more than one collection of samples with either a different emphasis or in a different institution, you must fill out a Collection Questionnaire for each additional collection. In the core Questionnaire and the corresponding Collcction Questionnaires the same name must be used for the biobank so the data can be merged in then registry. The Network Questionnaire must only to be filled once if the biobank belongs to an association or network of biobanks.

Please use the questionnaire in PDF format (as a downloadable ZIP file) for printing and filling out only if you do not have a MS Word-compatible word processor. In this case send the questionnaires sent to the office of the TMF e.V., Neustädtische Kirchstr. 6, 10117 Berlin.

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